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PSD To WP Or Figma To WP: Which Conversion Is Better?

These days, many small-scale companies are driving their businesses online to reach remote audiences despite geographical locations. It has become pretty imperative for brick-and-mortar businesses to develop a website to sell their services and products. Hence, having an impressive website to attract an audience is essential. WordPress is one of the world’s robust content management […]


With majority of people choosing WordPress for website development and using Photoshop for images, it is important that you know how to move PSD background to WordPress, whether it is for the entire website or individual sections, such as sidebar, footer, widgets, etc. However, background image is not suitable for all websites and you should […]

Make the Right Move in 2020 with HTML to WordPress Converter Plugin

The field of content management system keeps on changing with every fraction of seconds. With the advent of a multipurpose CMS like WordPress, this transition has become quicker and more comfortable than expected. Undoubtedly, WordPress and its innumerous templates and customization options have lured people who once were happy using conventional but lengthy HTML bases […]